Sara Reyes, RN, BSN

Sara Reyes

Director of Nursing

Sara Reyes, RN, BSN  is a determined and resilient professional. She is a former Army medic who is used to discipline and hard work without losing sight of the humanity involved in emergency care.

Sara joined the Altus Health team in 2013 as a staff RN in the emergency room. Her skill and outstanding performance led to her becoming the lead RN in the ER. Ultimately, her leadership skills combined with hard work opened the door to more growth opportunities which she did not hesitate to take, leading to her current role as Director of Nursing.

Mrs. Reyes supervises the nursing staff and unit processes in her current role, ensuring the quality of care standards are met for each patient. Additionally, she acts as the lead liaison for staff, patients, their families, and community partners and coordinates educational efforts for staff and patients.

A firm believer in teamwork, honesty, and integrity, she doesn’t mind being in the trenches for her fellow nurses. Her strong work ethic means she will always stand beside her team regardless of how challenging a situation is, and she will never ask anyone to do something she is not prepared to do herself.

She takes pride in her work and strives to demonstrate this with every interaction with staff members and patient quality of care.

She deeply appreciates the many “seasoned” nurses, including her mother, who dedicated their time teaching and guiding her throughout her 22-year healthcare career. These strong leadership figures continue to inspire and push her to become the best professional she can be.

However, family and faith are the driving forces in her life. Sara is married to Daniel Reyes, and together they are raising their five children.

They enjoy church fellowship, playing soccer, outdoor adventures, and being actively involved in the local scouting community.

Degree: RN, BSN

Area of Expertise: ER Nursing

Experience: Over 22 years in healthcare and eight years with Altus Health





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